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What is Imagine. DeSoto, TX?

Imagine. DeSoto, TX” is the name given to the cultural planning process. It defines the central theme of conversations that will take place throughout the city. “Imagine” DeSoto, TX” was chosen because it gives our residents the freedom to think about the many ways the city might nurture and expand public investment in arts and cultural programs. The goal of “Imagine” DeSoto, TX” is to capture ideas and opinions allow us to Imagine our creative future.

What will the conversations focus on during this planning process?

Targeted group meetings, individual interviews and online surveys will reveal how DeSoto residents currently participate in arts activities - and will ask probing questions about the role the arts can play in building a stronger city. In most cases – the conversations will ask participants to Imagine what they would like to see offered in all areas of the arts: visual and performing; media and technology; arts education and of course programs that interest multigenerational audiences and preserve cultural traditions.

Are there other cities who are currently operating under cultural plans?

Yes! Some of the more recent cities that have adopted or are in the process of adopting cultural plans are: Kansas City, Houston, Denver, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Frisco, Chicago, and Columbia, SC.

How long will the planning process take?

The cultural planning process from start to finish is approximately 12-18 months. The final plan will be presented to the DeSoto City Council through the Arts Commission no later than December 2020.

What will the planning process entail?

The cultural planning process includes four basic phases:

  • Phase One: Pre-planning logistics and establishment of administrative infrastructure;
  • Phase Two: Community engagement - surveys, community meetings, focus group sessions, interviews and other types of engagements to promote dialogue and visioning;
  • Phase Three: Assessment of public findings, develop and prioritize strategies and begin drafting the plan;
  • Phase Four: Get feedback on the draft of the plan, finalize the plan and release to the public.

Who is helping the city develop the plan?

The City has contracted with Dallas based MJR Partners to guide this process. MJR Partners is a team of arts management professionals with expertise in project management, public art, arts education and public policy development; led by nationally recognized arts administrator Margie J. Reese. Ms. Reese has served as Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs in Dallas, and General Manager of the Office of Cultural Affairs for the City of Los Angeles. She is currently Executive Director of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture in Wichita Falls, Texas.





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